Celebrity Owners

Billy Gibbons 900 crop.jpg

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top with two of our Dead Ringers “Jimi” rings.  Billy had us custom engrave his rings with “BFG 8”.  The number “8” is Billy’s lucky number.

Johnny Depp 900.jpg

Johnny Depp, actor, guitarist and sometime pirate. Johnny’s also a friend of fellow rocker and buccaneer Keith Richards. So it seemed only slightly ironic that he should own a Dead Ringers “Keith” ring serial #1.


Steve Tyler:  A rock and roll legend,…..a true rock icon.  He is included among  Rolling Stone 's 100 Greatest Singers and was ranked third on Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time.   Aerosmith “The Bad Boys from Boston” have been gigging and touring for over 45 years and have sold over 150 million records worldwide.

Dead Ringers is proud to have cast and finished three of our skull rings for Mr. Tyler, each customized with a silver plate stamped “STEVE”.

Alice SquareSpace size.jpg

Alice Cooper and Jim Morrison were founding members of the infamous 1970’s drinking club known as the “Hollywood Vampires”.  Other members included John Lennon, Ringo Starr and Keith Moon (Moon the Loon).  So called “meetings” were held in the private loft at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA on West Hollywood.

Old habits die hard, so it is not surprising that Alice owns a Dead Ringers “Jimbo” (Jim Morrison) skull ring.


Billy Idol:  The absolute, pure essence of total badass.  An early architect of punk rock’s sound, style and fury, Billy Idol remains to this day a true rock n roll icon.

Dead Ringers was pleased to cast and finish a “Keith” skull ring for Mr. Idol customized with “BILLY” stamped into a silver plate mounted inside the ring.

Richard Rawlings  900.jpg

Steve Stevens:  For 34 years, the flashy gun-slinger guitarist and writing partner behind all things Billy Idol.  This Grammy award winning hired gun also recorded with Michael Jackson and Robert Palmer, the reverence the guitar world holds for Stevens is difficult to overstate. 

Steve and his wife Josie asked Dead Ringers to personalize their two custom made gold and diamonds “Keith” rings with a special name plate stamped “SS+JS”.

Pictured left to right:  Lisa S. Johnson (famed rockstar guitar photographer), Steve and Josie Stevens onstage at the legendary House of Blues, Las Vegas.

Steve-&-Billy Compr.jpg

Steve Stevens (wearing his Dead Ringers gold and diamonds “Keith” ring) and Billy Idol performing “White Wedding” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.