The Story Behind Dead Ringers


Being a guitar player myself, I have to admit it’s almost impossible to think about Keith Richards the musician without acknowledging his signature look and of course his notorious jewelry. 

And then it struck me: many of rock’s royalty adorn themselves with skulls yet these skulls have no real backstory to them. But what if the skull was their own? And so Dead Ringers was born - we re-created the skulls of rock’s four greatest legends and immortalized them into a line of unique, fine art skull jewelry.

Inspired by some of the greats: Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and the rock star in all of us.  Dead Ringers skull jewelry will stand the test of time just as its muses have.



The full collection of silver skull rings



The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Most of us are familiar with forensic sculpting (facial reconstruction); using an unidentified skull as the basis to reconstruct what someone looked like. However, reverse digital forensic sculpting allows us to work backwards, sampling multiple photos of an individual to get under their skin and create a digital model of their skull.

This is the starting point for the Dead Ringers process.  Once we have the digital model of their skull, our designer Saskia Dattner imports the skull into her 3D CAD system.  Saskia uses her creativity with leading edge technology to create unique pieces of jewelry that are not only anatomically correct but also comfortable to wear and visually impressive.

From here we use the latest EnvisionTEC 3D printer to create a resin model or “print” of the piece, it is from these prints that we create our molds which are so precise that their accuracy is measured in micrometers (one millionth of a meter).

Each piece within our collection comes from these molds – all made by hand, they’re carefully cast and finished with a keen attention to detail. As each piece is made to order it means we take time and care to give you our best work instead of making mass-produced jewelry in large quantities.

Our Support System
Dead Ringers is an idea from a guy who loves his Rock & Roll with a hint of the macabre. To ensure we made the best products possible, experts and state-of-the-art equipment were needed to make the dream a reality. We couldn’t produce such high-quality jewelry without the help of our amazing team and collaborators. They are: 

Saskia Dattner
Saskia earned her Master of Arts in Jewelry Design and has been working as a goldsmith and jewelry designer since 1990, specializing in luxury custom-designed pieces for private clients as well as international corporations.  Famed for her creativity and attention to detail, Saskia used her expertise to bring the Dead Ringers collection to life.

A world leader in 3D organic, surface modeling software, it is T-Splines that enables our designer to create the realistic pieces in the collection.

A leading innovator in Rapid Prototyping or 3D printing.  Applications for EnvisionTEC’s advanced technology include aerospace, architecture, medical, automotive and jewelry design. 

Special thanks to Matt Sederberg of T-Splines and Autodesk and to Bill Letwin (VP - Jewelry Division) and Matt Moser both at EnvisionTEC.